Sunday, July 17, 2011

Concussion Awareness in the Fort Zumwalt District

Here's a recent article in the Suburban Journal about the Fort Zumwalt School District's implementation of preseason concussion testing for all football players.

I am the medical director of the concussion program for Fort Zumwalt, and we have expanded preseason ImPACT computerized neurocognitive testing to all football players and cheerleaders in the district for the upcoming season.  In addition, ImPACT testing is performed at Clopton and Louisiana High Schools in Pike County.  Starting this summer, all high school athletes in all sports will be tested during the preseason in the Francis Howell School District.  Just like in the NFL, we will be able to test athletes after they sustain a concussion and compare the scores to their baseline performance to help guide a safe return to the field.

The school districts in St. Charles County and points northward are on the cutting edge of concussion evaluation and management and are to be commended!

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